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Want to watch LUMOS RAY Projector in action? Look at all these real life demos by our Filipino customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines! And many more reviews by professional Youtubers and tech enthusiasts!

A Showcase for All: Let Lucio test out the image and audio quality of our projector. He is thoroughly impressed!

Boss Lucio, a talented Philippines Tech Reviewer, approves the quality of our RAY projector in his movie room!

A Review for Homeowners: Watch Aisaku demo the RAY as a 1st time user and watch anime on a 100 inch screen!

Aisaku Yokogawa, Japanese singer, host & anime lover will choose LUMOS RAY any day as he loves the projection quality & good value for money!

Demo Time: Watch Jordan watch KPOP MVs and play Mario Kart on his amazing 100 inch home cinema!

Jordan, top tech Influencer, thinks LUMOS RAY is worth the shot to buy as he transformed his studio to a cinema!

A Review for All: Watch famous celebrity, Sheree Bautista, unbox and show you her awesome mini home cinema

Sheree is enjoying her Home Cinema with her bestie and to her, this is the "best investment" she's made!

A Review for All: Let Francis who loves his tech gadgets, demos all the features of LUMOS Ray in Tagalog!

Francis shows you everything you'll need to know about the Smart Version: Phone Mirroring, Netflix, Youtube Apps and the amazing video and audio quality. All in Tagalog!

A Real Life Demo: LUMOS RAY in action! A smaller portable projector packed with powerful image and audio quality

720p HD Resolution, 3000 Lumens and Dolby Surround Sound, our projector truly brings the cinema home for you.